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Oils have formed an integral part of beauty regimen in many cultures for centuries. They may be extracted from seeds, nuts, fruits and flowers, are beneficial in skincare, hair care and general well-being, owing to their versatile healing, antiseptic, nourishing, protecting, skin renewing properties and mood lifting effects.

A staple in the lives of the Berbers (an indigenous tribe from Morocco), Argan oil has gained popularity worldwide owing to its extensive benefits to health, skin and hair and is often termed “Liquid gold”. The argan fruit is dried in the sun, cracked open using stones, yielding the argan nut, which is roasted, ground, pressed and filtered to make the oil. The argan growing region has been designated as a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO. This oil is extracted from the kernals, in a labour intensive manner by the Berber women, which makes it a rare and expensive oil. Due to this, it is often mixed with other carrier oils when used in skincare and haircare.

Argan oil is rich in unsaturated fats, carotenoids, Vitamin E (higher content than in olive oil) and anti-oxidants. It finds application in cooking, hair and skin care. It is known to have nourishing, moisturising, scar-removing, skin-renewing and anti-ageing properties which has made it a staple in the skin and hair regimes of the women of Morocco. Carotenoids, a form of Vitamin A help promote cell renewal, thereby evening out skin tone and preventing signs of ageing. In addition to assisting in fading marks, regulating oil production, enhancing skin tone and improving the texture of the skin, it functions as a multi-tasker in hair care as well. It conditions the hair, adds shine, detangles, smoothens the hair cuticle. It is light weight, easily absorbed by the skin and hair and is non-comedogenic.

Argan oil can be incorporated at any stage in a beauty routine:

  • a serum or a moisturiser for the face;
  • body oil;
  • hair oil or an after-wash hair serum;
  • nail & cuticle oil; and;
  • face cleansing oil.

Owing to its versatile benefits and diverse uses, many brands feature product lines containing argan oil. This miracle oil multi-tasker has paved its way into beauty regimen of women across the globe, and, is certain to find itself a permanent place.