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Schwarzkopf Syoss Volume &Lift Shampoo and Conditioner


Syoss Volume & Lift shampoo and conditioner duo are aimed at giving voluminous appearance to hair while being nourishing yet light. The shampoo cleanses without drying out the scalp/hair and is silicone free. The conditioner nourishes the hair without weighing it down. The combination is quite effective, with visible results right from the first wash. The only downside is the fragrance, which reminds one of cough syrup. Thankfully, it doesn’t linger on after the wash! A good product worth the price and quantity i.e INR 1400 for the duo of 500ml bottles.


Schwarzkopf Gliss Million Gloss Shampoo

Attempts to induce gloss into my mane continue, and in this quest, my next encounter is the Schwarzkopf Gliss Million Gloss Shampoo with liquid keratin. This unmissable glitzy bottle caught my eye and since my hair was lacking the glitz factor, attributable to the schizophrenic weather I have been subject to lately, I decided to give it a shot.


The light consistency paired with the refreshing hit of aqua is possibly the antidote to the grimy, and polluted monsoons of this age. It is a very mild shampoo and if your hair is thick or if it has been oiled, you might need to use it more than once or twice to effectively cleanse the scalp and hair. That being said, it makes for the perfect daily shampoo. My hair isn’t very shiny after having used this shampoo but it isn’t too harsh on my hair either. 
I definitely expected a lot more from this product, but I’m giving it the benefit of doubt because of the schizo weather and I’m willing to offer it a second shot. Or may be I am being biased towards glitzzz…….

REVIEW : FX Brazilian Smooth Keratin Silk Serum

Having been subjected to virtually most chemical treatments, and the toiling effects of daily pollution, I had decided to focus on improving the texture of my hair on a long term basis . With this objective in mind, I have been on the look out for products which protect and maintain the quality and texture of my hair.

I swear by Argan oil based serums. However, when I came across the FX Brazilian Keratin Smooth Serum during one of my online shopping escapades, I was quick to procure it. I had used the FX Miracle Moroccan Moisture Serum earlier and was quite pleased with the product, so I decided to give this serum a shot.


It is a light yet effective serum and has a pleasant fragrance that doesn’t overpower the senses. It’s spreads onto the hair easily and is absorbed without any traces of grease. I always believed that thicker serums alone work for long dry hair, but this product sure changed my views in this regard. It is highly protective and I have noticed that my hair doesn’t feel as dry when I leave it open in the cold/windy/harsh winters of Delhi. Since it can difficult for the natural oils of the scalp to reach the ends of the hair ( of one has long hair), this product offers some respite. Due to its light consistency, I’m guessing this would work just as well in the hot/dry summers as well!

It sure does lend a lustrous and smoothing effect to the hair that lasts upto the next wash. FX seems to have a collection of amazing hair products suitable for variety of hair types and I’m quite keen on exiting their other options.

REVIEW : FX Moroccan Moisture Miracle Argan Oil Serum

Being a huge fan of hair serums for the sleek finish they offer and their ability to reduce the damage caused by external factors to the hair, I’m always on the look out for new ones which can make my hair more manageable. When I stumbled upon this serum containing Argan oil, I was very excited to give it a try, since I was hooked onto the Loreal Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Serum ( also containing Argan Oil) and just needed a change.

The weather in India can take a toll on hair if not cared for properly. I have found that the key to maintaining long nourished healthy hair is consistency in a routine. Mine is usually Oil-Shampoo-Mask-Serum-heat protecting spray( in the summers). I try to oil my hair as often as possible and usually end up doing it once or twice a week. When I can’t oil my hair, a serum helps seal in that extra moisture and prevents hair from looking dry and losing colour in the sun.

The FX Moroccan Moisture serum is thick, spreads easily and has a pleasant fragrance that does not linger on. It does not weigh down my long straight hair or make it greasy. The packaging is in a clear bottle which makes it easy to estimate the amount of product left, but however since there is no pump, one has to manually control the quantity of product dispensed. The bottle has lasted me over 2 months and still has a decent amount left.


AVAILABILITY : Online stores


This product appears to seamlessly adapt and perform through the changing seasons. I had purchased it in the winters because I wanted something of thicker consistency to combat the cold, dry winds and I’m still using it now in summers and the results are just as good. I’m quite happy with the way it has worked for my hair irrespective of weather conditions and it is definitely worthy of being repurchased.