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Benefits of the Oil Cleansing Method!!!

The mention of using oils for skincare could seem unimaginable to most, especially for those with oily and acne prone skin. Regardless of your skin type, oils work brilliantly as a skin care aid. For centuries, oils have formed an integral part of Indian skincare, whether in the weekly coconut oil hair massages or the traditional ayurvedic body massages. Using oil to cleanse your face and take off makeup may seem absurd, but here is why it is worth a shot.

  1. Regulates sebum

Oil attracts oil. It may be tempting to go for the squeaky clean feel by using harsh soap based cleansers, but supplementing your face wash with an oil cleanser would cleanse deeper and protect your skin. Harsh cleansers strip your skin of the necessary sebum and moisture, which in turn signal the skin to produce more sebum resulting in oily skin and acne. Opt for an oil cleansing to balance out your skin.

  1. Removes stubborn makeup

Oil loosens makeup and dislodges it from the skin, even the waterproof and smudge proof kind. It is an excellent and inexpensive substitute for eye makeup removers.

  1. Non pore clogging

Natural oils (jojoba, coconut, olive, almond, grapeseed, sesame etc.) will not clog pores. They are an excellent alternative to cleansing creams and milks, which may contain mineral oil.

  1. No more dry skin

It will never leave your face feeling dry, parched and stretchy. It forms a uniform protective barrier on the skin and moisturises it even after following up with face wash.

  1. Perfect for the dewy look

Cleanse your face with the oil cleansing method, followed by a face wash. This routine before applying makeup, removes any residue and primes and preps the skin by giving it a luminous and dewy look.

  1. Pocket friendly

It costs way lesser than other cleansers and there is an oil for every budget and skin type.

  1. Custom made for your skin

It can be customised to suit your needs and moods. Pick a carrier oil (almond, jojoba, olive, apricot, coconut), add a few drops of your favourite essential oils (lavender, Jasmine, sandalwood, chamomile, rose) and you have your own personalised aroma cleansing oil. Massage it onto your skin and remove the residue with cleansing wipes. Essential oils have so many skin friendly properties and mixing them with carrier oils to use as a cleanser is a brilliant way to reap some of the benefits. Mix more than one essential oil into the carrier oil for a bouquet of fragrances for your own spectacular home pampering experience.