Review: Nivea body lotions (Natural fairness, Night fairness, sensual musk and Q10 firming

This brand needs no introduction or even a review since it has been the key, if not only product in the skincare of women for centuries, across countries. I associate the familiar smell of the traditional Nivea lotion with comfort skincare- leaves your skin enveloped in the comforting goodness of moisture and an aroma which is sure to let you drift off into blissful sleep.

Over time, variants to the traditional lotion have hit he markets. I’ve tried out all the variants available in India and a few from abroad, and I’ve always felt good using them. Some were more suited to my dry skin like the #Shea butter, #almond oil, #Q10 firming , #Natural fairness, #night fairness, #sensual musk . A few variants are slightly watery and better suited for normal skin types. Regardless of your skin type, there is one suited to your needs. Here are some of my recent purchases:


I love variety as if offers choices and allows you to experiment with products to find the best suited to your skin care needs and additionally, get more value for your buck. At the end of a tiring day, a hot shower followed by an envelope of one’s comfort cream/lotion/oil definitely sets the tone for a night of blissful  beauty sleep. This brand offers you that exact feeling, customised to each one’s needs.


Schwarzkopf Gliss Million Gloss Shampoo

Attempts to induce gloss into my mane continue, and in this quest, my next encounter is the Schwarzkopf Gliss Million Gloss Shampoo with liquid keratin. This unmissable glitzy bottle caught my eye and since my hair was lacking the glitz factor, attributable to the schizophrenic weather I have been subject to lately, I decided to give it a shot.


The light consistency paired with the refreshing hit of aqua is possibly the antidote to the grimy, and polluted monsoons of this age. It is a very mild shampoo and if your hair is thick or if it has been oiled, you might need to use it more than once or twice to effectively cleanse the scalp and hair. That being said, it makes for the perfect daily shampoo. My hair isn’t very shiny after having used this shampoo but it isn’t too harsh on my hair either. 
I definitely expected a lot more from this product, but I’m giving it the benefit of doubt because of the schizo weather and I’m willing to offer it a second shot. Or may be I am being biased towards glitzzz…….

Organix Biotin and Collagen thickening shampoo

Despite being utterly oblivious to the influx of organic/sulphate free/paraben free products in the market, the sudden flurry of news articles about traces of heavy metals in our daily food items and cosmetics, have given me the necessary push to make a shift to safe cosmetics (to the extent possible). I decided to make  a start with shampoo. This choice was mainly because, over the years my hair had become the recipient of unwarranted chemical treatments, exposure to harsh pollutants and sunlight, which has surely done a number on it. Living in the most polluted city in the world showed its effects after only a few months when my naturally straight, soft hair became unruly, rebellious, dry and unmanageable. Since my hair was thin lately, I decided to try the Organix Biotin and Collagen thickening shampoo. 


I’m not entirely sure how effective biotin and collagen can be when applied externally for such a short duration of time, but the shampoo was mild, effective and definitely left my otherwise fine hair with a lot of bounce. It has a mild fragrance and is gentle enough to be used everyday yet manages to cleanse the oils/masks from the hair effectively. The packaging is adorable, especially since the shampoo is a fainter shade of the bottle colour itself.

The price (Rs. 725/- for a 385 ml bottle) is affordable for the quantity provided. It is a definite repurchase for me( I have already got my mom hooked on to it as well)

Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads

  Having heard raving reviews about this  brand, I got a chance to try out their bath and shower products during my stay at one of the Hilton hotels.  I tried out their entire shower range and was very pleased with the results (especially the shampoo and body lotion from the “mega rich” line). After validating the brand for myself, I proceeded to invest in their complexion correction pads since my skin was being troublesome (due caffeine, lack of sleep and pollution). 

These alpha hydroxyl acid pads come in two strengths- max correction and gentle correction. The difference between the two is very minute and only varies in the salicylic acid content. I was planning to test out the pads on my body and decided to go in for the Max correction pads.    

 The box contains a pile of pads soaked in AHA/BHA solution and each pad offers two degrees of exfoliation. All that is required is a swipe of the pad on your skin. It may cause a tingling sensation on the skin which is usually momentary. 

I used the pads diligently for a month on my legs and face. It felt smoother but nothing noteworthy. It did nothing to reduce breakouts, rough and patchy skin. My skin tone and consistency in colour remained same. So all in all, it was a highly disappointingly steep prices purchase. 

It costs ₹2500 for sixty pads. Other brands offer similar products for competitive prices but their availability in India is very sparse( I’m referring to Dennis Gross alpha beta pads).  

The results that are achieved by chemical peels is completely unmatched and the exfoliating pads aren’t even a close match to it. If another brand manages to market similar exfoliating pads, I’m not averse to trying them but I surely am skeptical about their efficacy or value for money.

Bioderma Sebium Range: Serum and Pore refiner

In my quest for the perfect products for sensitive acne prone skin, my next milestone was Bioderma Sebium range. The serum was recomended by my doctor and I bought the pore refiner because that was the only one that targeted open pores at the time. Both the products performed far below my expectations.


The serum did not clear up my imperfections or clogged skin and the pore refiner did not reduce my open pores or even their size.

After reading so many positive reviews about the brand, I gave these products a shot but they did not perform the task(s) at hand. I will however they out their cleansing waters and hope the future products perform better.

Loreal Hydrafresh Mask-in-lotion

This is the best mistaken purchase I have ever made. I picked it up thinking it is a toner for sensitive dry skin. Turned out to be lotion with the consistency of thick water which can be used as a serum, light lotion and a mask!!!



It consists of spa water and hyaluronic acid, both of which are amazing for dry, parched and sensitive skin. It can be slathered onto the skin directly or with a cotton ball. It serves as a thick serum or as a mask. I layer it on before using clay based masks and I find that applying it the first thing in the morning after a splash of cold water makes it look plump and moisturised. The bottle is large enough to be used generously over extended periods of time.