I’ve switched skincare products since my skin has become more acne prone whilst remaining dry. I’m constantly on the lookout for acne products mild enough to be used on dry sensitive skin while still retaining its efficacy.
Two impressive two products are usually indicative of whether that particular line or brand suits my skin type.

I tried Laroche Posay on the recommendation of my dermatologist and I’m impressed with the results so far.

Effaclar Duo corrective and unclogging anti-imperfection care


This serum/lotion claims to unclog the skin and remove imperfections. The consistency is thick but spreadable and absorbs quickly. It doesn’t feel harsh like prescription acne medication but is effective as a preventive measure.

It has helped me immensely in preventing imperfections as opposed to actually curing them. It works as an excellent addition to an existing skin cage routine to prevent acne or other imperfections. However, it didn’t help much in curing breakouts. But for that purpose, I usually rely on prescription creams.

Ceralip Lip Repair Cream

An excellent lip conditioner without the petroleum jelly like feeling of traditional lip balms. It dissolves into the lips leaving no trace and forms a comfortable layer shielding against dryness. The staying power isn’t incredible though. It requires frequent re-applications but perfect for use just prior to snoozing.



A single lip product which seeks to replace a multitude of lipsticks, balms and glosses sure is an enticing and a viable alternative to using all of them or none at all. Given the time constraints one faces, a multipurpose product is an alluring option.

Ever since Clinique launched their much sought after Chubby Sticks, I have been keen to try them out but found the shades Clinique offered to be very light/frosty for my olive skin tone.

After a long wait for a similar product suited to deeper skin tones, Revlon and Lakme launched chubby stick dupes-Just bitten Kissable Balm Stain and Absolute Lip Tint respectively. The price ( Revlon- INR 600 and Lakme- INR 800) and the shades came as a pleasant surprise. I picked up 3 from Revlon and 1 from Lakme- mostly dark colours except the for ‘Rendezvous’ from Revlon which is a bright orange.


Rendezvous: Bright orange ( a little frosty on application)
Romantic: Red with warm undertones
Adore: Reddish brown

Wine punch: Magenta


1st picture: Top-bottom (Lakme In Wine Punch, Revlon in Romantic, Adore and Rendezvous )
2nd picture: Left-Right ( Revlon in Rendezvous, Romantic, Adore and Lakme in Wine Punch)

The packaging for both is very similar to the chubby sticks- a thick crayon with a retractable base.The packaging in the Revlon ones is the actual colour of the stain which makes it very easy to locate in an array of products where as the Lakme lip tint comes in a uniform black packaging with a see through cap.

The Revlon ones smell minty while the Lakme is almost odourless. Anyone who is allergic to peppermint oil might have an issue with the Revlon.

Both have light-medium coverage which is buildable with a couple of coats. The tint stays on for around 2-5 hours depending on the shade.
I will be posting detailed reviews of each shade separately.

They texture is very smooth and consistency makes for easy application. However, I feel that the results are better- colour and texture wise when used on prepped lips.


These products are definitely worth a shot and have found a permanent place in my vanity as they moisturise, leave a lasting tint and are available in a variety of shades.