Review: Philips Kerashine Air Styler

Having been an advocate of low maintenance hairstyles forever, I was forced resort to hair stylers with the onset of the monsoons, which turned my otherwise maintenance free straight shiny locks into a frizzy heap of straw. After exhausting all traditional methods like pinning up hair, buns, pony tails, braids etc., I decided to let go of my out-of-bed, no hair styling routine, and actually put in some effort to make my hair presentable. 

I use a blow dryer on the lowest setting to dry my hair since air drying causes intense headaches and frizzy looking hair. This worked for years, most of the time without the use of a hair brush. But the humidity and rising pollution levels caused my hair to look greasy and frizzy all at once. 

I decided this was the time to give hair Stylers a shot and ordered the Philips Kerashine Air Styler from Amazon. And this by far, has been my best hair styling purchase ever!!!! 

It is a blow dryer with a brush with two heat settings. The air is no warmer than a normal hair dryer and the brush doesn’t cause hair breakage. I use it on towel dried hair and my hair was back to its sleek shiny self within 10 mins. It took me 10 mins since I have hip length fine straightish hair. The time taken will vary based on your hair texture, length, thickness etc. 
I used no products other than a hair serum and my hair feels soft and shiny with absolutely no flyaways!!! I would definitely recommend this product- it’s reasonably priced( between INR 1200-2400, depending on where you source it from), cuts down hair styling time and is the perfect tool for anyone who wants tamed straight hair with a tad bit of bounce which flat irons do not offer!!


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